How to have more visitors and make more sales during the trail?

What should I expect from the Arts trail?

The first thing to remember is that the Arts Trail is primarily a community art event. Those that get the most out of taking part are those looking to showcase their art, meet the public, talk about their work, raise their profile, and perhaps sell a piece or two/secure a commission/take a booking (maybe there and then, maybe at a later date).

How can I attract more visitors to my venue?

The best thing you can do is to make sure your venue is visible. Think about the view from the end of your street: have your flag raised high up on some sort of flagpole (long bamboo gardeners sticks work well), add some bunting or ribbon if you have it. Also, do everything you can to advertise the Arts Trail and your venue. Tell your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, mailing list etc. As a community of artists, we all benefit from from every individual doing what they can to publicise the event (you may well sell a piece to a visitor who heard about the trail through another artist on the trail, and vice versa).

How can I sell more work?

Think about the sort of people typically visiting the Arts Trail. Few are going to part with several hundred pounds on the spot (though some will do, and quite a few get back in touch at a later date to purchase an expensive piece once they've had time to think about it). If you mainly produce expensive pieces, think about also offering a few low-ticket items (miniatures, open edition prints etc.). People are more likely to purchase items in the £10-£20 price range and those artists who report good sales make most of those sales on low-ticket items. Variety is the key.

My venue is on the edge of the art trail area, how can I make sure I get a good number of visitors?

Some peripheral venues have very good visitor numbers, generally those that have made the most effort to publicise themselves and to make themselves visible. Another thing you might want to consider is partnering up with another venue nearby, either by sharing a venue or by encouraging visitors to each other's venues. Some people choose which venues to visit based on the type of art being exhibited, so if you and a near neighbour work in different mediums, you may encourage more visitors if you share a venue.

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