Registration for the 2018 trail is now closed.

If you experience any problems with your registration please email through the contact page



There is no prior assessment of your work by our team. As long as you have a venue, paid the membership fee and provided the required information about your work, you can participate in the arts trail.

How much does it cost, what does it include ?

Membership costs £25 per artist per year, whether exhibiting alone or in a group.  The membership fee covers the cost of the brochure, flyer and other costs incurred in setting up the trail, which is run by volunteers. 

You will be able to have an image of your work with a short accompanying text in the brochure and on the website.

The fee is non-refundable. Artists are expected to be present throughout the trail. All members should consider helping in the running of the Trail.

How to apply ?

All artists must ensure they have an agreed venue before registering on the website. Payment is processed through paypal. 

NOTE: If you took part in any of the previous years trails you will have to create a new account as the data base gets re-set each year.

How to find a venue ?

We have provided a list of the venues who have accepted to be a part of the trail. Get in touch with them to secure a venue.

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SBA 2018 artist membership